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New Site Up

posted Dec 2, 2011, 8:21 PM by James Podesta   [ updated Feb 21, 2012, 11:14 PM ]
MaDPuPPeT makes its first online footprint with
Thanks to the power of Google Sites, we are now online and have our own domain.

MaDPuPPeT will be specialising in iOS games, starting with Magelore and TrainDefense.  We are comprised of myself and.... well,  just me really. One half of Wretched Games who released the successful Venger for iOS in 2008 as well as the less known titles of Big Booty, Earth Vs Mars and Attack Force.

Now I'm going it alone on my pet project Magelore, which has been on and off development for nearly two years. Actually, its a game I first started over 20 years ago on the Amiga after spending many hours playing Ultima 3.  I dropped it and started it again on a Nokia 3100 in Java before dropping it again and commencing a new version for iOS.

Magelore has much content still left to do and I've just commenced a rework of the magic system in preference of a Dungeon Master style rune based system. But rather than wait another year to release a game, I'm also working on a second title..

Train Defense - is a simple tower defense style game where you must defend your water tower from waves of advancing enemies using a Steam engine with mounted turrets. More on this later. Its currently in prototype development stage. I hope to have a playable proof of concept within in a week.