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Buildville 1.001

posted Sep 4, 2013, 11:46 PM by James Podesta
I'm still working hard on the multiplayer but its looking promising. Machines are connected and the underlying structure is looking pretty sweet. Probably still at least a couple of weeks before I'll have anything to show.

Here is an interrum update.  The flat empty terrain was getting me down so I chucked in some tree generation and some snow tipped mountains. Not much, but it adds a lot of exploration value.

Also there is a "TELEPORT" option in the pause menu now,  so if you get lost in the wilderness you can teleport forward and it will take you to the closest area that you have modified in that direction.   Eventually this will be replaced with a more robust minimap system but that's non-trivial to implement and I want to keep the Multiplayer as priority for now.


This update has also been submitted to the appstore as the first iOS update.
There's also some bug fixes to deleting tiles that were introduced by the last batch of optimisations.