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Buildville 1.002 Released

posted Dec 2, 2013, 4:47 AM by James Podesta
Woohoo. After months of gruelling work,  the first release of the network multiplayer is now ready.
It's _fairly_ stable :)  but I'm sure I'll be finding issues for another build or so.

The download link is at the bottom of this post.
Just download and extract to a folder somewhere. 
If you don't have OpenAL installed it will just crash.  Run the  OALINST.exe  in the zip to install openal.

it's only been tested on NVidia cards, so feel free to ping my if you have issues or better yet, go to the buildville forums and post a bug report or just say hi.  I don't really make any money off buildville so I'm just motivated to know anyone out there uses it.

When you run it will ask for your name.  This is the nickname that will appear to other players. 
Whenever you play a game (play or build - survival or creative modes),  it acts as a server that anyone on the local wifi can join,  or if your machine has an open IP you can give your friends the IP address for them to join.

In future versions I will add some hosting controls so you can disable hosting, or limit abilities for people joining... as well as new features like chat.

All saved games are now stored in your documents and settings local app data.
On windows 8 thats   User/YourName/AppData/Local/Buildville.

I've also submitted an IOS update and you can network your PC with the ipad or iphone with that.